Restaurant POS (Point of Sale)

Restaurant POS (Point of Sale)

Restaurant POS will easily let you manage multitude of food and beverage services at your hotel. The seamlessly integrated solution is easy to implement and manage and is suitable for Restaurants, Bars, Cafe, or any other type of food and beverage service you offer at your hotel. Manage your hotel’s room service, banquet operations and billing operations effortlessly. The intelligent set of reports provides in-depth insight into your restaurant’s performance.

Integrated with Front Office Module: It’s integrated seamlessly with front office for billing purpose and room service.

Multiple K.O.T (Kitchen Order Ticket) Generations for single /Multiple Outlets (Room Service, Bar, Take away, Banquet, Restaurant): The KOT contains details such as table number, items ordered and its quantity. In the billing division, it is the table number through which the corresponding KOTs are identified. Suppose if a guest of a particular table orders 5 times, 5 different KOTs are prepared for that table and the total amount is obtained by the summation of all the KOTs of that table.
Types of KOT

  •   Suppliment KOT: In case when inadequate amount of dish is served with the main course then adequate amount of serving is done again at that time this KOT is raised.
  •   Non charge KOT: This KOT is raised when hotel provide complementary food to maintain good will for promotion then this KOT is raised
  •   Accident KOT: In case if dish is spoiled or partially damaged this KOT is raised for same dish (Freshly prepared) for the kitchen.
  •   Duplicate KOT: In case of misplacement of KOT this KOT is raised for duplicate KOT. Notes: All the KOTs mentioned above it have to be counter signed by the manager in-charge and the Reference KOT (previous KOT) number has to be mentioned.

Order Booking, Delivery & Take Away :

Order Booking:

The seamless integration between Restaurant POS and PMS enables you to access the guest database from the PMS, meaning that you can straight away charge the bill to the guest’s room. You can even set credit limits, settle the payment by directing to the room folio or make direct settlement as per the guest’s request.


Maintain different guest database with complete information of your guests for your regular delivery orders. You can fetch customers’ address with built in map generation capability and route the driver for easy deliveries.

Take Away:

Taking care of your take away orders is simplified in the system with features to split, merge or reprint receipts for the orders. Guest check function allows you to easily settle orders.

Guest Profile information:
This service is provided to repeated guests on the basis of their given contact number or their address for ordering dish.
Bill Settlement (Cash/Credit/Card/Complimentary, Bill to Room etc.):
The Room service cashier has to show settlement mode made by him in such as Cash, Bill on hold, Card, Complimentary, Bill to Room etc.
User Defined Combos, Schemes, Happy Hours Menu and tracking:
A cocktail hour or longer period at a bar, during which drinks are served at reduced prices or with free snacks: happy hour from 6 to 8 p.m. and Special Price, which automatically changes as per set Day, Date and even Time.
Build relations with your Loyal Guest thru Offers, Discounts:
For promotion hotel provide discounts to guest so that they should visit again.

POS Operations:

  • Open Shift: Room cashier sign-in the account since then his account POS starts.
  • Open Outlet: According to respective shifts (Outlets for eg. Room Service, Bar, Restaurant, Banquet, Take Away etc.) Cashier opens outlets for order.
  • Order Entry:As per open outlets entries cashier will enter the required order.
  • Table Booking: Reservation made in advance for guest.
  • Void KOTs: If cashier has done wrong entry in order given by guest. He should be authorized to rectify previous order.
  • NC (Non chargeable) KOT: This KOT is raised when a complimentary portion of food is to be served either to an upset guest to maintain the goodwill or for business promotion. This KOT also is made on the same KOT slip/ KOT pad however on top of the KOT one needs to mention the word “COMPLIMENTARY KOT”. It has to be counter signed by the manager in-charge and the reason has to be mentioned.
  • Close Outlets: If cashier receives order from other outlet then they have to close that particular order and open ordered outlet.
  • Close Shift: When next shift start by another shift cashier then pervious shift cashier will hand over all their settlements (cash, credit card, cheque etc) to that particular cashier.