Reports & Billing

Night Audit Report

High bills report: If exceeded limit of credit follow up should be made by company or direct by guest..

Settlement summary: Details summary reports on guest made per day by which of means of their payment by credit card, cash, company account, foreign exchange, complimentary and Bill-on hold.

Tariff posted for day: Tariff posted in all rooms at the time doing night audit process for all rooms. Tariff posted in all rooms automatically in single click.

Entry posted at FO (Front Office): Extra entries made by front desk in each room for eg. Car hiring, extra bed charges.

Expected departure and arrival report: Room allotment made by front desk for next day arrival guest and their also record their departure date.

Cashier Summary Report: Sale of room by means of cash, online, credit cards, debit cards. This report is generated in every shift.

In-House guest list report: Days wise report for complimentary breakfast for the next day. This is decided after per day night audit.

Management Block report: Guest of management which are blocked by hotel owner due to management reference.

Maintenance block report: The room blocked for under repair.

Monthly Arrival and departure report: Details of guest that who will be coming next month and their departure.

Additional room rate reports: Room which are block by guest day before for their advance booking. So hotel will charge them additional room rate as for the agreed tariff.

Bill allowance reports: Modification for extra charged bill and discount given to the guest.

Miscellaneous report: Extra charges made by hotels for example Car Hire charges, Print-out charges for guest.

Exchange Summary Report: Exchange of money made by guest in foreign currency.

Cancellation Reports/No show report: No show report: If guest has not arrived then this report will mention how many rooms are not occupied by such situation.

Cancel check-in report: The room allotment made by front desk which is not according to the choice of the guest then cancellation of room will be made and room allotment will be done according to the choice of guest.

Company In-house report: Number of rooms occupied by various companies in the hotel.

Reservation advance list: This reports convey the details of guest for given advance payment on behalf of his reservation for next seven days.

Guest Telephone report: Record number of call made by guest per day.

All extension wise report: This report shows the call history made by different hotel departments.

User defines C-Form Report: This report contains number of foreigner are registered and accordingly number of C-Forms made per day.

Message print report: When the guest is not present in the room and any message comes from outside for the guest this report will show the record.

Account Report

Daily Income Verification & Reconciliation:

  •  Procedure of reconciliation is to match daily audit report with bank statement and according to that daily income verification is done.
  •   If there are any missing checks then the same has to be posted manually, Likewise any duplicate postings have to be voided.
  •   Check if there are any Tips for the restaurant staff on credit card, Handover the same after making the corresponding paid out entry on the System.

  • Integrated with Front Desk, Pos & Other Departments: The Outlets will close their day, hand over the Check copy and drop the cash collection at front desk. Print the Outlet wise sale report from the Front office software ( PMS) and tally / balance the revenues with similar report from the Point of Sale ( POS ) software. This will ensure that all revenues generated at the POS has been captured by the PMS.

    Account Receivable/Payables: An accounts receivable aging report allows you to view the balances that are owed to your company by guest. Similarly, an accounts payable aging report allows you to view the balances you owe to other companies for supplies, inventory and services your company receives.

    Journal Voucher Entries: Tally the cash posting in PMS and print the cash receipt for the dropping done by restaurant team.

    Ledgers: The Ledger Summary report lists the balance of each of the three ledgers: Guest, Advanced Deposit, and A/R, and compares the opening balance with the current balance. A total outstanding “New Balance” is also calculated. The new balance figure on this report should be compared to the new balance forward on the Ledger Activity Report to see if the system is in balance.

    Guest ledger: It refers to the set of accounts related to the registered hotel guests. It is also known as Transient ledger, Front Office ledger or Rooms ledger.

    Guest Ledger Account
    •  In House Accounts
    •  Checked Out Accounts
    •  House Accounts
    •  Cancelled Accounts
    •  All Group Master Accounts
    •  Closing Balance
    Account Receivable ledgers
    •  All Active Accounts
    •  All Inactive Accounts
    •  Closing Balance
    Account deposits and summary
    •  Reserved Guest Accounts
    •  Reserved Group Master Accounts
    •  Closing Balance
    Total Balance
    •  Total Opening Balance
    •  Balance Forward
    •  Net Change

    City Ledger: Also called the non-guest ledger, it is the collection of non-guest accounts. It can contain credit card payment accounts, direct billing accounts, and accounts of past guests due for collection by the hotel.

    Credit Notes/Debit Notes:

    Trial Balance Report: This report displays the total debits and credits for each selected account for the last completed month and for the year to date.

    Profit & Loss Statement:

    Balance Sheet report: The Balance Sheet report details the net worth of your organization as at a particular date.

    TDS & Vat Accounting:

    Audit Trail from Financial Books to Ledger Entries:

    Other income report:

    Flash report: Every hotel produces daily business report also known as Manager Flash that recaps last 24 hours. This daily reports include hotel statistics, like the total earning from hotel revenues centers (eg:-Rooms, food, beverages, Laundry and other outlets).

    Revenue Account Report:

    •  Rooms Sales
    •  Room Allowance
    •  Food Sales
    •  Food Allowance
    •  Beverage Sale
    •  Beverage allowance
    •  Other Income
    •  Telephone sale
    •  Telephone allowance
    •  Foreign Exchange income report

    Room occupancy and availability report: This report involves numbers of room occupied by the guest and available for the guest.

    Occupancy analysis report: Occupancy include average room rates stand for which measures the average rate per available room and average room per-person. Occupancy report of rooms for guest previous day in the hotel.

    Complimentary Report: department wise report for special guest we offer them a room or food as compliment to maintain good will or for promotion.

    Daily Food & Beverages Outlet Report: Daily reports of every outlet such as Banquet, Room Dining, bar, Restaurant is generated.

    Other Income report: This report involves income made by extra sources such as Telephone, internet, miscellaneous charges (eg stationary), car hire, mini-bar etc.